Senad Pali's real estate philosophy is that this job is a people job, first and foremost. You must have patience and realize that many clients are not educated about the market. It is my job to explain to clients what will be expected of them so there will be no surprises, and to show them what's realistically available in their price range so they can make the right decisions."

Senad puts 110% into making sure his clients needs are met no matter what their wish list or budget. Listening is key to getting the results your client expects, he believes. Having always worked in client service, first in hospitality then in IT,  and now happily in real estate, he offers every client his full attention as well as creative solutions that assure they walk away satisfied.

Originally from Montenegro, Senad speaks fluent Albanian and English. He earned his Masters degree in Accounting and Financial Management from DeVry University in Manhattan. Senad previously worked as an IT contractor for Dell, J P Morgan Chase and IBM Corporation as a Service Support Representative for major financial clients.

Senad's hobbies include working out at the gym, eating right, and finding ways to stay in shape in your everyday activities such as using the stairs instead escalators when the option is there. He also very much enjoys walking around Manhattan on foot as opposed to taking the subway whenever possible to keep fit and experience the many nuances that could otherwise be missed.